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CFAM Ancillary Equipment: Mixers, Feed hoppers, Hammermills, Driers and Coolers

Our Products

CFAM manufacture a range of mixers, feed hoppers, hammer mills, driers and coolers which are designed to work seamlessly with their TX series extruders, providing manufacturers with a highly automated, low maintenance process at low cost.

Paddle Mixers

CFAM paddle mixers are available in sizes from 100 to 500 litres. Designed to work seamlessly with the TX range of extruders these mixers automatically download, weigh and mix dry ingredients from feed hoppers and supply the extruder when requested.The TM-Series can be also used as stand-alone automated batching and mixing systems.

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Feed Hoppers

CFAM Feed hoppers are available in a number of configurations and sizes, including sack - fed models and micro-feeders. Feed hoppers are controlled directly by the CFAM extruder or mixer control system to ensure accurate measuring and mixing of dry ingredients.

Hammer Mills

CFAM Hammer Mills are available in a range of sizes to suit applications ranging from rural maize-meal processing to full-scale industrial milling.
They are of direct drive design and feature a high tip speed. This ensures that a more refined milled product is produced and results in increased throughput for a specific screen surface area. The screens are available in various sizes and can be removed and replaced within seconds, without disassembling any part of the hammer mill. Should it be necessary, the interior of the hammer mill can be accessed through dual access doors.

PDF Brochure - HM50

PDF Brochure - HM10

Driers and Coolers

CFAM driers and coolers are available in a number of sizes and configurations and are tailored to suit the requirements of the customer's product.
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