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Extruder components

Our Products

Extruder Barrels and Barrel liners.

We can supply top quality barrels and liners  at excellent prices in nitrided steels, various tool steels, stainless steels,  bimetallic and powder metallurgy materials including Sagittite.

Feedscrews and Shafts

We provide top quality replacement feedscrews to fit APV, ABT, Werner & Pfleiderer and many other twin or single screw extruders. We can also provide specialised wear or corrosion resistant coatings to extend screw life and reduce costs. Modern screw designs can be provided to greatly increase the output of older single screw extruders used in the plastics industry. We use European tool or powder metallurgy steels to produce our  feedscrews. Small shafts are machined from solid 4340 steel bar while larger shafts are ground from 4340 steel or H13 high strength steel.

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