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Forming extruders

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CFAM Twin-screw Forming Extruder

This extruder was developed originally for the production of fishing bait for the sport fishing industry but is suitable for any application which requires the production of a line of product from a pre-mix. The extruder is compact, rugged, simple to set up and operate and can be customised to produce a shaped line of product or (with a cutter as shown below) line segments or pieces for roller shaping.

Features of the Extruder

  • Production capacity approximately 100 kg/hr (a 200 kg/hr version is also available)

  • Twin counter-rotating screws which can be easily removed for cleaning

  • Barrel length 370mm, bore diameter 64mm

  • 25l feed chute with powered roller to assist feed flow

  • 2.2 kW AC variable speed drive motor

  • Supplied with height adjustable machine pads or castors

  • Supplied with die transfer block to customer’s specification

  • The control system also operates a solenoid valve which can be used to actuate a pneumatic guillotine-type cutter or a conveyor.  A rotary cutter is also available if production of pellets is required.

Control and Electrical Features

  • High quality, user friendly PLC control panel with touch screen interface

  • Supply power 230V single phase or 400v three phase

  • Motor speed control provided by Allen Bradley variable speed drive

  • Emergency stop button fitted

  • Safety bar with interlock fitted to top of feed chute on UK models

  • 24V interlock terminals provided for line e-stop circuit.

  • The main circuit board is also pre-wired to provide power for a heated barrel or die if required.

All CFAM extruders are built to the customer's specification and can be customised to meet any specific requirements. This video shows a forming extruder fitted with a twin port PTFE nozzle to provide a very smooth finish on the extruded product. The video also shows the very simple operating system.

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